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Birth Story

Owen Broderic
06/12/08 16:52
9 pounds 13 ounces (4450g)
21 inches long (55cm)

My estimated due date was 06/07/08, and I'd been having regular contractions on and off since
05/20/08. My water broke--just a trickle--on the afternoon of June 10th, and we went into the
hospital that evening when contractions were getting stronger and closer together. They sent
us home, telling us we'd probably be in full labor in the morning, but would be more comfortable at home overnight, as I was only 3cm dilated and could take a while to progress to the point I needed to be at the hospital.

I wasn't in labor in the morning. Since my water had broken, that wasn't a good thing. The
hospital called to see how things were going, and asked me to come back in anyway. We went in, and when we hit the 24-hour mark after my water breaking, we were told induction was necessary
(which I'd expected, with the water breaking, and dreaded). They admitted me and put me on
oxytocin via IV. Between the oxytocin and my blood pressure being high, I had to be monitored
closely, and was pretty much tied to either the bed or birthing ball, except to use the
bathroom. And the IV stand's battery kept dying every time I used the bathroom, not enough to
stop working, but enough to make the low-battery alarm go off--not a huge deal, but just one
more thing, you know?

Somewhere in the middle of the night, talk moved to a c-section. I'd been through more than
half the bag of oxytocin and had only progressed to about 5cm, and the contractions, while
getting stronger, were not as regular as they should have been. I was told that 9am was when
the decision would be made, because after that the risk of infection would be too great.

Somewhere after 7am, I started a second bag of oxytocin. Still hadn't used anything for pain
relief at that point.

9am rolled around. I saw another doctor who is apparently the best of the best around here for
childbirth. He announced that I was, in fact, progressing enough to be allowed to continue to
labor for a while, and no wonder the oxytocin hadn't worked as well as it should, because my
water had never finished breaking. He took care of that, and then the oxytocin started working
as it was supposed to. I think I was about 1/3 of the way into the second bag of oxytocin or a
little more when I asked for nitrous oxide for the pain.

With a cesaerean narrowly avoided, I was very relieved, but I didn't really have much
time to feel it because the oxytocin was really starting to go at it. At some point
that day (the 12th), I finally asked for stronger pain relief. They gave me some kind of mild
narcotic through my IV, and much to their surprise, I might as well have had an epidural; it
worked so well that I managed to sleep through all but the strongest contractions, and even
those, I just woke up long enough to cling to Hubby's hand and gasp some nitrous oxide. I
ended up taking two or three doses of that, I think.

Finally, I think around 2pm or 2:30, I started feeling a little bit of an urge to push.

Pushing started around 3pm, I'm told--I was so exhausted by then that I wasn't really aware of
anything going on around me. As soon as they could reach the head well enough, they switched
from the normal fetal heart monitor to the one that attaches to the baby's scalp so I could
push in positions other than flat on my back. I labored on my knees leaning against the
upright portion of the bed until they insisted I lie back down and have my legs held up--I'm
pretty sure they had a reason for that, but I was a little busy and missed it.

I'm very sketchy on what happened next, but I think this is how it went. When the top
of Owen's head was starting to crown, they helped guide my hand down so I could feel it, and
that's when Hubby started crying. After a few more pushes, his head was born, but his
shoulders were stuck--they had me keep pushing with my legs as high in the air as my sister and
a nurse could get them, and they wiggled his shoulders until they got him out. I heard "It's a
boy!" followed almost immediately by "I was supposed to cut the cord...." Owen wasn't breathing at first, and they'd had to cut the cord immediately in order to be able to tend to him, so Hubby didn't get to cut it. Owen started crying while I was delivering the placenta, which was a huge relief, but then when they set him on my chest, I was being sutured (second-degree tearing), so I had Hubby hold him while I concentrated on not jerking every time the doctor touched something--despite freezing, the area was obviously very tender.

As soon as the suturing was done, Hubby brought Owen back, and the nurse helped us start
breastfeeding. Between my sutures, blood pressure, and iron levels, we ended up in the
hospital until the 15th. I felt like such a failure when I had to let Owen have a little
formula early the morning of the 14th, but we'd been up all night and my frustration had spiked
my blood pressure enough that I was put on medication. The nurse gave him the formula in a cup
instead of a bottle, and he had no problems going back to the breast afterward, which was very

That's about it. We came home the 15th, and while things are pretty hectic while we all adjust, I think everything's going pretty well. Owen wasn't yet gaining weight when the public health nurse came to weigh him on the 16th, but my milk's coming in, so that should change quickly.

Owen, about an hour after birth:

Owen and I, immediately after birth:

I hate this photo, but Hubby insists it's great. I was being sutured at the time.

Owen and his daddy, just a few minutes after birth:

Owen and I, half an hour after coming home:


Jun. 18th, 2008 12:06 pm (UTC)
9lbs 13oz.. that is a big baby! Congrats! I'm glad that everything went well and you avoided c-section. :)


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