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Introducing Veronica...

Count me in as a May Momma! I gave birth to Veronica on May 30th at 1:05am. She weighed 7 lbs. 6 oz. (small for me, I have had two 8 lbs. 2 oz. babies before her) and is 20 inches long. She's doing well, as am I. We just got home from the hospital today.

Basically, I went in for a check up with my midwife on Thursday at 3pm. I was 5cm dilated and very soft. I was having contractions, although I wasn't aware of it. She asked me how fast my other labors were, and when I told her, she got a funny look on her face and said I should stick close to the hospital. Sure enough, contractions (that were still VERY hard for me to notice) kept coming and by 8pm I was checking into the hospital. I was put on the monitors and Veronica had some heart rate dips during some of the contractions, so they kept me in the bed. After a good 15 minutes of no dips, I was allowed to get into the birthing tub for 20 minutes and then back on the monitors I went. I got to do that twice, and after the second dip in the tub, I felt a lot of pressure. Got back into the bed and told the nurse I was fine. She left the room, and the next contraction was REALLY powerful, so I had my husband call her back and the midwife came with her.

Sure enough, 10 minutes later, I had pushed Veronica out! This was my third natural birth, and by far the easiest. I surprised myself! She's absolutely perfect and her big brother and sister absolutely love her. I am so happy to be done with the pregnancy, as the last two months got VERY trying for me with weird medical issues. I'm just glad she's here and healthy!

Well, I ended up with a May baby, but I never joined the May comm, so I'm posting here! :)

May 23rd, 2008
8 lbs. 6oz
Elliot....still no middle name. We had the HARDEST time thinking of boy names. Any suggestions? His las name is GROSS. Heh.

I haven't typed up the birth story yet. I will eventually, but right now I'm still adjusting. The funny thing is that being pregnant seems like it was FOREVER ago!!

He is having some issues though. Elliot has jaundice really bad. Not the normal newborn kind (whichsupposedly resolves in a few days). He had to go under the bili lights at the hospital and was almost not allowed to be discharged with me. He is near toxic levels of bilirubin and he has had to go to the dr. office every day so far to get his levels checked. His dr. asked me if I was "willing" to try formula for a couple days. Of couse every new mother is going to say yes when you put it that way. So I stopped breastfeeding him yesterday at 8am. I've been pumping and bottle feeding him. It's pretty devastating. :(
Also-even though I've been pumping I have horrible pain in my right breast that wont go away after pumping. It's really frustrating.

Midwife Appointment 30/05/08

Well, normal weekly appointment check was going on.. checked my blood pressure and it was higher then normal, but we put that down to stress. Then the midwife felt my belly and said, oh 'where's the head gone?' haha, so baby had come out of being engaged, and had just come up a wee bit to the left hand side of me but that was okay. I then told her that my movements had slowed down a lot and I had only felt maybe 2 - 3 a day the last two days.

We then went down to the clinic to go on the monitors to check baby's heart rate and to get a portable scan, where they found that baby was sideways!! Completely turned, head on my right hand side, ugh! This is what they called an 'unstable lie', which is apparently quite dangerous as if my waters were to break while I was out and about, there was a high chance that the cord would fall out and then baby wouldn't get any oxygen etc.

So, yay for me, I was admitted until she turned head down, which she did the next morning!!! YAY! So I had to keep her head down for 24 hours and then I could go home, I'm still not out of the woods yet however, because apparently there is a lot of fluid underneath babe's head so there is still a high chance she can turn back around, and the dr also said that they don't want me in early labour at home either. *sigh* But baby is safe, and I am fine so that is what matters :)

Lots of exercises and sitting up straight for me now to make sure this baby doesn't turn again. Cheeky buggar. :P

In New Zealand at the moment it is June 1st as well - so yay - we are in the month that we are due :)

Doctors Appt update.

Thursday I had an appointment with my OB-GYN. He did the "normal" appointment stuffs then told me basically I'm huge and he ordered an ultrasound... So yesterday DH and I went and had our *hopefully* final ultrasound before I deliver this little (lol) bundle of joy.  Having an ultrasound this late in the pregnancy is like trying to read ink splotches. I'm looking at the screen and have NO idea what we're looking at. If I didn't already know what position DS was in I would've sworn his head was his butt. haha. 
So, according to the measurements he's at 39w and is estimated to be about 8lbs 7oz. (mind you, the ultrasound can be off by as much as a pound +/-.) So he's going to be a large baby, but he's not "too" big. And we'll find out at the next appointment on the 4th if I should be induced. I've been very adamant about having a 100% natural birth, but I'm getting so big and tired I'm almost to the point where I don't care how he comes I just want him out of me!!!!

well ladies, hope you're still hanging in there! :) Best of luck.


Did you drop all at once or did it happen gradually?
The last few nights, my belly has been hanging lower at night and pressing more firmly into my pelvis (and bladder) but during the day, it seems to creep back up toward my ribs. My husband notices this too, but it might all be in our heads.
I'm hoping the baby will wait to drop until school is out next Thursday so I don't have to move classrooms with a bowling ball in my crotch, but of course, I have no say in the matter.

-36 weeks

I hope everyone is enjoying their last few days/weeks!


So, i have some bad news, and if anyone cares to read all about it, its in my personal journal. 
My boyfriend, the father of my baby left me this week. 
As in, went to the store to get some milk and just never came home, style. 
his mom told me she hoped I was wrong, but said she knows Im not. 
apparently hes a pathilogical liar who was expected to do this the whole time, but noone told me. 
I know this isnt about babies, but i need support. 
I need something. 
I need to make sure when i have this baby, I can still do it. 

Only one more day...

  Until baby is full term! I'm surprised we've made it this long, honestly. My last appointment (36w) I was measuring 41w and had high blood pressure. I was sent over to L&D and spent over 2 hours hooked up to monitors. By that time though my BP had gone back down and they were just keeping an eye on my contractions. I was having irregular contractions ranging from 2-4min and 5-8min apart. About half of them were painful, the other half I didn't even know I was having until the nurse showed me the charts. 

  I've been having a lot of cervical pain and have been loosing my mucus plug for the last couple days. My contractions have continued, but haven't become "stronger" or closer together. DH and I were joking that I was going to have the baby while he was in Dallas picking up our car (we had it shipped from Alaska). But that was last Friday and still no little boy. I am getting SO anxious! I want him here so bad that my already crazy emotions make me break out in tears just thinking about him.  Plus I feel like I can't do anything. All of my energy is gone and if I spend more then a few hours out of bed I start cramping and hurting. But we still have SO much to do before he gets here!

Oh, one more thing; we decided on a name! (finally) it took a little bit of compromise :)

Damien Riley Meyer 

Congrats to all the ladies that have had their babies :) and it's just a matter of days/weeks for the rest of us, so lets stay strong!!!


So I went for my check up today... I'm 36w 5d... the baby did a big growth jump and I'm now measuring 38 almost 39... but she did an internal and I'm not dilated yet and the head is down but now far enough yet so that was all good news. She is estimating the baby at about 6.5lbs and at the average growth weight of .5lbs per week the baby will end up being about 8lbs... which is a little scary for me since my other 3 were all really small (5.13, 7.1 and 7.7) She gave me my pre-registration papers to carry with me and I go again for another check next Tuesday. I was given permission to take over the counter Zantac for my insane heart burn which I'm really hoping works because if not I'm going to start puking from all the acid in my throat... it's beyond gross! I have another 2.5 weeks left to work and I'm really starting to regret not leaving work sooner, but I'm dug myself a hole training the new girl and am pretty much stuck here until my committed June 13 last day of work.

I must admit I was feeling very anxious about all the early babies lately, but after this appointment I'm much more calm and although I'm pretty sure I'll be early, I'm not stressed about being really early.

fathers day gift?

hi. i haven't posted much in this community but i've followed it closely since i found it when i was about two months along. i'm due either june 12th (her initial due date based on the first ultrasound) or may 31st (as per how she's measured the last five or so months), so i've gotten to know several of you from the shadows over here. :)

this is our first baby. anyone have any suggestions on what i should get him for his first fathers day? i've never had to think about this before. hah. on mothers day he got me a basket of soaps and stuff in the smell he knows i like and dinner. i can't imagine he'll want any bubble bath and i'll have just given birth so i'm not going to want to go out. he's 26 and a music engineer, not someone i could buy say a tie or something equally square that i could have gotten for my own father.

good luck with your babies! we're SUPER close now, guys!

and, by the way, the fact i've made him a tiny human life in his likeness should totally be enough, but it'd be nice to get something i can put in wrapping paper as well. :D

Jogging Strollers

I've been looking for jogging strollers lately and I'm having trouble finding ones that specify how early they can be used. This is especially the case on Ebay.. The descriptions will say that they have a reclining back, but that doesn't really tell much. So my question is does anyone have a recommendation for jogging strollers that can be used from 6 weeks and on? I've seen a few out there, but as I said.. Having trouble finding them through websites alone. TIA!

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